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This demo store features white label products from HR Dropship Cosmetics & Soaps.
Here you will see custom label designs and all of our small batch hand-made products. We have lots of vegan options and all natural goodies.

Armpit Solutions

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Kisser Fixers

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Over 500 Product SKU's

We can provide all the drop-ship white label product you need for a new or established store! We carry unique hand-made products that are not found anywhere else. Why wait to get started? Book a call, and we'll give you 25% off custom label designs.

Gentle Cleansers

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Support a Mission of Quality

A large majority of products on department store shelves are causing you and your family harm. Every bit of risk you can reduce may be all you need to save you or a loved one from the damage of mass-produced chemical based products.

Butter Bath Bombs

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  • Shopify Drop-Ship App

    Use our app to create labels by selecting standard templates, or hire us to do everything. Install products with an ability to change prices and shipping costs in store. We only charge 40% of MSRP.

  • Setup your store!

    Create a layout that focuses on your chosen target market, product, collection, or blog post. Add details about freshness, quality, satisfaction, or even provide a video review.

  • Build brand awareness!

    Promote your products. Focus your efforts by keeping informed on trends. Find great influencers and collaborators to promote your unique brand!

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Body Butters

Fab Bubble Bars

Get the upper hand!

Unlike other drop-ship services, we provide high quality freshly made products with fully branded label options that allow you to change product and scent names. Shipping same or next business day to Canada & USA via Tracked Post. We also offer no MOQ wholesale shipping!

Beard Taming Balms

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Beard Nourishing Butters

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Replenishing Beard Oils

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We have lots of new bundles on the way!

Customers love product bundles, and we know you like the larger purchases they will make! We have seasonal and holiday specific bundles in development and are launching our standard bundles now. Take a look at our first release of Beard Care Bundles!

Beard Saving Bundles

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Let us help you get started!

Every partner means the world to us. We're here to help you get your store up and running as fast as possible. Count on us to provide a quick turn around so you can luanch your store right away!

Shaving Solutions

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